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ROM Slim ICS 3.2 Android 4.0.4

Discussion in 'Galaxy S I9000 ROMs' started by HDTechVideo, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Key features
    Based on AOSP,
    Easy to customize features (thanks to AOKP team) via ASS (Advanced Slim Settings)
    Common Base ROM - 60MB
    Device Essentials - ~20MB
    Only 5 languages (No new languages will be added)
    No GAPPS required, google apps already included
    Zeam Launcher

    What Works
    Everything for daily use

    What Doesn't
    Video Effects and Face Unlock for all phones except Galaxy Nexus.
    It currently supports the following devices, no extra devices for now:

    Galaxy Nexus - I9250
    Nexus S - I9020A/T
    Nexus S 4G
    Samsung Galaxy S II - I9100
    Samsung Galaxy S - I9000
    Samsung Captivate - I897
    Samsung Vibrant - T959

    Removed apps
    Genie Widget
    Stock ICS launcher

    Change log
    Fixed 2G and LTE toggle ( Turn data off, turn 2g on, turn data on, 2g will work. turn data off, turn 2g off, turn data on, to be back on 3g)
    Fixed Dialpad Settings FC ( Enable landscape mode here)
    Landscape Mode Dialpad
    All nav bar buttons are visible now
    Updated DSP Manager and Media Provider from CM9
    Updated Multi DPi market ( use OrigMarket_T9Dialer.zip file for T9 and Orig PlayStore)

    Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links
    Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links

    1. If you are on any ICS version that support CWM
    2. Download and Copy the Base_3.3.zip and Essentials into your internal SDCARD
    3. Boot into Recovery Mod
    4. Do a full Wipe (Data/Factory Reset, Cache Partition, Dalvik Cache)
    5. Install the Base_3.3.zip and without reboot install the essentials

    Suppose if you are facing boot loop while flashing
    Remove the battery and put it back
    Follow step 3 to 5

    If you are not on ICS then flash CM9 and then follow step 2 to 5

    Screenshot_2012-04-06-21-11-23.png 0002.png 0004.png 0005.png 0006.png 0007.png

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