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GUIDE Flashing ROM using Odin Step-by-Step

Discussion in 'Galaxy S I9000 General' started by HDTechVideo, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Step-by-Step Guide

    RUN Odin, It looks like


    Power off your Phone.
    Boot into Download Mod (Press Volume down + Home + Power on).
    Connect your phone to PC via USB cable.
    Wait to install the driver (If you don't have USB driver you can Download Please Login or Register(Confirm your Email) to view links).
    Once the driver installation finish the odin looks like.


    How to Flash the ROM via odin
    Extract the downloaded firmware, and it may contain PDA, PIT, PHONE, CSC, BOOTLOADER

    1. Run Odin
    2. If you have only one file ie, PDA then select PDA
    3. Power off your Phone.
    4. Boot into Download Mod (Press Volume down + Home + Power on)
    5. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable.


    6. Hit Start and wait to complete the installation.

    If you have more than one file
    1. Select PIT
    2. Once you select PIT make sure that you select re-partition button


    If your ROM is coming with a boot-loader
    (If you don't have this file skip step 3)
    3. Select BOOTLOADER and tick Phone Bootloader Update


    4. Select PDA, PHONE, CSC (If you have only PDA then you can leave PHONE and CSC)


    5. Power off your Phone.
    6. Boot into Download Mod (Press Volume down + Home + Power on)
    7. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable.


    8. Once your phone is added you can hit Start


    9. Once the installation finish odin may looks like


    10. Enjoy flashing...

    Please remember that flashing your mobile phone is fully on your own risk.
    If the process is interrupted (power failure, disconnected cable, software failure (e.g. with KIES) ) your phone might be very difficult to revive.
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